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Engineering Materials : Wrought Iron


➨ Wrought iron is the purest form of iron , because c % is very less and impurities are very less

Manufacturing of Wrought Iron by Puddling Furnace

Puddling Furnace Figure :
Puddling furnace


➨ There is Large structure with Brick work and two hearth and it is also known as Reverbetory Furnace
➨ It is Called Reverbetory Because of the Fuel and pig iron both are Seperatly feed
➨ There are working doors for collecting slag and other impurity
➨ Puddling Door provided for visualization purpose
➨ Spongy Wrought Balls Comes from furnace which are 50 to 70 kg heavy in weight , which are pass throught Roller for making Sheet.


➨ Adding Fuel : Hard Coke + Dolomite(Flux)
➨ Adding Pig Iron : Molten pig iron from Blast Furnace to Hearth

➨ Remelting Pig Iron + Flux+Fuel +Refining = Wrought iron


Element %
Carbn(C) 0.02
Silicon(Si) 0.12
Sulpher(S) 0.018
Phosphorus(P) 0.02
Manganese(Mn) 0.02
Slag 0.07
Remaining Iron


➨ Two Types Of Defects Are Producing in a Wrought iron
1. Red Shortness
2. Cold Shortness
Red Shortness in which can not be work in hot work
Cold Shortness in which Wrought weak in cold condition


➨ Ship building Construction
➨ Agricultural product manufacturing
➨ Oil and water pipe Manufacturing
➨ Manufacturing of various articles or furniture 
➨ Use for producing Fastenerse
- Bolts
- Rivets
- Nuts
- Screw Etc..
➨ Manufacturing Of drawing wire and Rod's
➨ Manufacturing of chains and Hook's
➨ It can be raw material for steel manufacturing.


➨ As Wrought iron is not containing much amount of carbon, so it is a very soft and ductile material
➨ It can notbe hardened as % of Carbon is very low
➨ It is malleable and easily machined material
➨ It can be hot and cold work
➨ Forging can also be carried out on this metal
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